At our St. John Lutheran Preschool, we enjoy many events during the school year that make our time together extra special!

During the year, we host classroom celebrations such as a Harvest Party, Christmas Party and a Valentine's Celebration. Off-site we attend Field Trips and enjoy opportunities to learn about and experience our nature and our community.  We also invite families to enjoy a Thanksgiving Dinner, a Dads-and Grandpas night and a Moms-Grandmas-and Muffins event. As a Preschool, we sing in worship two to three times each school year, in Modern and Traditional Praise worship services.  During the summer months, we stay connected through fun events on our campus such as Preschool on the Playground.  

We welcome and encourage family support and involvement in our Preschool activities! 

Check back soon for more information about upcoming Preschool Events!  






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