Just imagine what God can do through you…a faith community where everyone uses their unique, God-given set of gifts, including time, talents, abilities, passions and experiences, to joyfully go out and humbly serve others in their community, congregation and world with open hearts of compassionate mercy in Jesus’ name. These people are also committed to encouraging and equipping others to do the same.  You don’t have to just imagine!  It is happening right now at St. John and you are invited to be part of it through our Compassionate Serve Opportunities.

Compassionate Serve Opportunities are opportunities for men, women, young people, and occasionally children to help people in need who live in our local communities. 

You simply do what you can when you can to serve others.  To receive occasional emails inviting you along with a growing number of willing volunteers through St. John to serve those in need, merely sign up. The Serve Opportunities are vetted by our Director of Mission Mobilization.  Every serve opportunity invitation includes a description of what is to be done, who is being helped, the location, the number of volunteers needed, the estimated time it will take, and what skills – if any - and equipment are needed to complete the task.  The impact of expressing the love of Jesus through serving could be eternal.  And the joy you receive through serving is for a lifetime! 

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