ADVENT WEEKEND WORSHIP SERIES - The Bible is filled with examples of an intimate God, a God keenly interested in connecting with ordinary people. He promises to be with us. He says He will personally guide us. Yet somehow, intimacy with God eludes us. Caught up in the mainstream of life, we know we are missing something vital. But how or where do we find it? This Advent season we will have opportunity to kindle a shared day-by-day, moment-by-moment relationship with the Lord. Not some abstract theological concept, but the real deal—intimate connection with a deeply personal God who has come to be with us. God is closer than you think…

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                                         The Promise | Nov. 28-29
                                         The Preparation | Dec. 5-6        
                                         The Proclamation | Dec. 12-13    
                                         The Presence | Dec. 19-20    

In addition to weekend messages, daily family devotional discussions and video testimonies are available to further discover intimacy with Jesus through His Word. The devotion series is created for people of all ages, and we pray that all will be blessed by this new resource.

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