You’re done with high school and now you have major decisions to make. We want you to know that you are prayed for, supported and encouraged throughout the major ups and downs that you will experience in the next several years! You’re also busy, juggling job(s), classes and new experiences. However, you’re never too busy to be connected to the Word.

Hopefully you will find a "church-away-from-home", with which to be connected for Bible study and worship. When you’re back in town, we look forward to seeing you at St. John!  If Sunday morning doesn’t work for your "late-night/late-morning" schedule, worship with us on Saturday evening at 5:00 PM.

Stay connected! Make sure we have your out-of-town address (message us through twitter, or call the church office at 248-402-8000) so we can send you care packages and treats throughout the year. Most importantly, know that we are praying for you!





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