A Sermon Message Series For a New Year and a New You

Daily news reports tell us of the havoc that identity theft has caused in the lives of billions of people. In fact, in recent months it was even reported that over half of all Americans had their personal identity stolen through a single breach of security by online hackers. Whether it be through stolen credit information, social security numbers, or other personal information, identity theft is a major problem jeopardizing life as we know it.

But may we be reminded this is nothing compared to the ongoing risk and eternal implications of spiritual identity theft so often overlooked in the dark web of our sinful humanity. Make no mistake, your identity in Christ is under constant attack.  Join us as we expose this ongoing spiritual identity theft and find full restoration in the One who calls us by name as His own.  

Pickpocketed By The Past | Jan. 13 & 14 

Hacked By Hypocrisy | Jan. 20 & 21

Mugged By The Mirror | Jan. 27 & 28 

Stolen By Success | Feb. 3 & 4 

 Robbed By Relationships | Feb. 10 & 11


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