National Lutheran Schools Week provides our network of nearly 2,000 Lutheran Church Missouri Synod (LCMS) preschools, elementary schools and high schools with the public opportunity to proclaim and celebrate God’s work among us in the schools of the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod.

We thank God for the opportunity to provide excellent academic preparation for the children we serve.  We are most grateful for the opportunity to share Jesus' amazing love with children and their families.  

St. John Lutheran School is celebrating National Lutheran Schools Week on January 27 to February 1 with special events and activities.

  • LCMS Schools:
  • 87 HIgh Schools
  • 778 Elementary Schools
  • 1127 Early Childhood Centers
  • 200,000 students!  

St. John Lutheran School began the celebration of National Lutheran Schools Week on January 27, with students in Preschool - 5th grade singing in worship services, followed by the School Open House. Due to the extreme weather, the remainder of the NLSW activities have been rescheduled for this week.

HOPE Warming Center| Sock Collection Competition: A week-long competition will be held between the boys and girls for who can bring in the most new pairs of adult sized socks. Each day the socks will be counted and the results will be posted. At the end of the week, results will be shared and the winning team will earn a casual dress day. All donated socks brought in during the week will benefit an immediate need for our mission partner HOPE Warming Center located in Pontiac.

Daily Attire Theme and Activities:

Monday, February 4|Blue and Gold Day: Students may wear any St. John apparel, or wear clothing in St. John school colors. Pastor Marc will lead devotions at 8:50 AM. At 9:30 AM, the school will have a 20 minute "Read-in". Students will stop what they are doing, grab a book and have quiet reading time in the hallway.

Tuesday, February 5 | Fun Sock and/or Fun Hat Day: Wear your fun hat and/or socks; jeans are ok on this day. Mr. Travis Grulke, Lutheran Schools Superintendent, Michigan District, will lead chapel at 8:45 AM and will also present our National Lutheran School Accreditation Certificate. At 2:30 PM, the students will assemble with their Faith Families for all-school Bingo in the gymnasium. 

Wednesday, February 6 | Favorite Sports Team Day: Students may wear athletic apparel of their favorite team or dress up as an athlete of their choice. Mr. Steve Wilson will lead devotions at 8:50 AM. At 2:20 PM, the 8th grade will compete against faculty and staff in a volleyball match. The staff is hoping to continue their winning streak against the students.   

Thursday, February 7 | Decade Day: Students in K - 8th grade may dress in attire of any decade from 1920's to the 1990's. Greasers, hippies, big hair courtesy of Aqua Net, and jelly bracelets are all samples of what we look forward to seeing. Preschool students will wear Western attire on this day. Mr. Nick Kwapis will lead devotions at 8:50 AM. At 2:45 PM, students will join with their Faith Families in the gym to share the new dances they are learning in P.E. as they  promenade, do-si-do and allemande at the all-school Square Dance.

Friday, February 8 | Comfy Clothes or Pajama Day: Wear relaxed attire such as sweatpants, sweatshirts, or pajamas! Mr. Trevor Noonan will lead devotions at 8:50 AM. At 1:30 PM, St. John will transform into a movie theater.  Movies will be played in classrooms throughout the school, and students may choose from options available (within their age-range: Preschool, K to 5th grade, and 6th to 8th grade) of what movie they would like to watch.   




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