Everything we could ask for

I grew up in the public schools in Grosse Pointe and my husband, Tom, grew up in the Catholic schools in Saginaw. I never thought I would send my children to a parochial school as all of my [public] school friends were Christian, even if they attended different churches. The Holy Spirit worked on my heart and mind during my years in Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS), through Joyce F., our MOPS mentor. It was during a conversation with Joyce when she shared with me how her son could pray and how the [St. John] students had all gone into the chapel to pray after 9/11, that I felt my heart change.

Tom and I had never discussed it before that day but I knew that this was what God wanted us to do. We had joined the church when our oldest child was only three months old. Tom and I had gone through the new member class and Tom had become a Lutheran. Both our 6th grader and our 4th grader have attended St. John since they were in four year old preschool. There has never been a day that I have not been grateful to know the presence of the Lord when I walk down the hallways and in the Christian spirit of the teachers, principals, staff and students. When I hear our children recite their memory verses, nothing fills me with more joy (not even A+s on tests!!!!). We thank the Lord on a regular basis that He brought us to the church and then to the school. St. John offers everything that we could ask for and more. Knowing that our children are being educated for eternity with the knowledge and power of the Bible and God's Word, makes us feel so safe and secure.

Tom & Kim V.

Greatest investment we’ve made in our family

We enrolled our oldest child at St. John Lutheran School in 2001, with the intention of transitioning her into the public school system after preschool.  However, after experiencing not only the academic excellence but the unmistakable love of Christ at St. John as well, our hearts and minds were changed.  Over twelve years later, our children are thriving, our eldest is preparing for college, and our lives continue to be enriched by a church and school family that loves one another.  Sending our children to St. John Lutheran School is undoubtedly the greatest investment we've made in our family.

Dan & Lisa G.

Taught Christ’s teachings every day

We all want our kids to be successful and happy.  A great education does not ensure this.  If our kids are successful in a worldly sense, but don't know God, then we have failed.  With kids spending so much time in school, it makes sense to send your children to a place where they will not only get a worldly education, but more importantly, where they will be taught Christ's teachings every day. This is why we send our kids to St. John!

Kevin & Kristin D.

My kids feel the love

"As a former K-8 student at St. John, I knew that one day I wanted my children to have the same wonderful experience that I had so many years ago. In fact, my husband and I were living in Grand Blanc, but moved back to Rochester when our daughter turned four so that she could attend St. John.  I felt so strongly that St. John had such a positive impact on my life and I wanted my children to have the same positive experience as they grew and became old enough to start school.

I never really knew what it was about St. John that I loved as a child; I just knew that I always felt comfortable and knew that the teachers truly cared about me.  But now as my own children wander these hallways and I see them interact with the teachers and students each day, I get it. I know that they are being treated with the love of Christ each day they walk through the doors, and I know that they are expected to treat others with the same love and respect that they receive.  I always feel good about sending them to school because I know the teachers do everything they can to love my kids in the same way God loves us.  I know that my kids feel the love and likewise, they are learning to love and respect those that they come in contact with.  To me that makes all the difference in a child's education.

We have been extremely pleased with the curriculum and extracurricular activities at St. John as well, and I love that my kids can take music lessons at the St. John Music Academy after school. I don't have to cart them off to another location and the after-school child care gives me a lot more flexibility. My experience at St. John continues to be nothing but positive for 34 years. I truly believe that my children are getting a fabulous education and they are experiencing the heart of God!  What could be more important?"

Chris & Leanne S.


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