The St. John Lutheran School Tuition Assistance Fund helps provide tuition support to families who qualify, for students entering Kindergarten to 8th grade. Through the faithful support of the St. John congregation, as well as through additional individual, family and corporate donations, the Tuition Assistance Fund provides help to make a Christian Education affordable.  
For families seeking tuition assistance for the 2020-21 school year, please submit a tuition assistance request application to Tuition Assistance Data Services (TADS). Your Information is kept confidential. Award amounts granted will be shared with families in late June/early July via your PraxiSchool online statement, and will be applied as a tuition credit to your monthly tuition contract for the 2020-2021 school year.  
To help better meet the needs of our St. John families, the Initial TADS Application Deadline has been extended to May 31, 2020. Any TADS applications submitted after that date will be reviewed on a funds-availability basis. 
To start a TADS application: 
· Visit
· Go to ‘LOG-IN’
· Click on ‘FAMILY LOG-IN’
· Click on ‘Financial Aid Assessment’
· The TADS system will prompt you for required information.
Additional information: 
· Families must submit a TADS application for tuition assistance each school year.
· Tuition assistance is available for families who quality, for incoming Kindergarten to 8th grade students at St. John Lutheran School.
· The Tuition Assistance Fund is not currently available for incoming Preschool or Young 5’s student tuition.
· TADS tuition credit awarded may be combined with other tuition credits such as St. John SCRIP gift card credits and multi-child K – 8 discount benefits.
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