Scrip means "substitute money."  Scrip gift cards can be purchased at face value for numerous retail stores, restaurants, grocery stores, and St. John receives a discount credit for the purchase. A portion of the discount earned is applied to a school family as tuition credit for the next year's tuition and the remaining discount is applied toward the St. John Tuition Assistance Fund. Families who do not have a child attending St. John Lutheran School can choose to allocate their credit earned to either a specific current school family or for the general Tuition Assistance Fund.

The effectiveness of Scrip is simple: Families generate revenue through purchases they would make anyway. Groceries, clothing, toys, gifts, even gasoline can be purchased with Scrip. An organization of approximately 150 families easily spends between one and two million dollars per year on food, clothing and other essentials.

Scrip cards are available for purchase online year round!  When ordering online use the code B93L8FE326L3.  For more information CLICK HERE.


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