St. John offers extra-curricular sports programs. Athletes are encouraged to use their God-given athletic abilities to give glory to God in all they do. Sports programs are open to students in grades 5th - 8th, with some available to 4th grade students such as track and cross-country. 

Sports Programs


5th & 6th Grade Girls Volleyball
7th & 8th Grade Girls Volleyball
4th to 8th Grade Co-Ed Cross Country
5th to 8th Grade Co-Ed Soccer

Winter Sports

5th & 6th Grade Girls Basketball
7th & 8th Grade Girls Basketball
5th -8th  Grade Girls Cheerleading
5th & 6th Grade Boys Basketball
7th & 8th Grade Boys Basketball

Spring Sports

4th to 8th Grade Co-Ed Track

Athletic Association

St. John Lutheran School belongs to the North Suburban Lutheran Athletic Association (NSLAA) and our league references the guidelines of the Michigan High School Athletic Association (MHSAA).

NSLAA Schools:

  • Our Shepherd, Birmingham
  • St. Luke, Clinton Township
  • Trinity, Clinton Township
  • St. Peter, Eastpointe
  • St. John, Fraser
  • Immanuel, Macomb
  • St. Peter, Macomb
  • Peace, Shelby Township
  • Trinity, Utica

Objectives and Eligibility

Our athletic program is available to 5th to 8th grade students. 4th grade student may participate in Cross Country and Track as well as other sports if needed to field a team. 

Program objectives:

  • To learn how the use of our physical skills can bring glory to God
  • To practice Christian ethics and sportsmanship
  • To provide social events for students and parents
  • To provide students with self-improvement techniques, physical skills training, physical conditioning, commitment to team concepts, establishment of priorities and goal attainment
  • To provide an additional avenue for creating school spirit
  • To use staff coaches whenever possible, due to their expertise in child development and synodical training. Adult / parent coaches will be used when needed, with the approval of the athletic director.
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