Classroom Technology

Students at St. John Lutheran School have access to a variety of technological tools and applications, with our ongoing goal of integrating technology and applications seamlessly into our curriculum, standards, and teaching practices. St. John has developed a comprehensive technology plan and continually makes improvements to the program as well as to the equipment used for the education of all of our students.

Most technology skills are taught and developed in the context of the classroom learning environment. Students learn the skills they need as they are used in the learning process. Students work with a wide range of applications to write, collect, analyze, create, and synthesize information in all media forms. Remaining skills, such as use of technology for collaboration, communication, and creative expression, are integrated throughout the content areas.

In our elementary classrooms, teachers strive to inspire students with an enduring love of learning, including an appreciation for technology and its many uses. Technological literacy is part of a student's learning, starting in Kindergarten.  Elementary students participate in a weekly education session on Chromebooks, assigned as one-to-one.

In middle school, the majority of computer use is done on using Chromebooks, with our One-to-One technology program. In middle school students experience the transition from childhood to young adulthood, we spend time working with our students to assist them in developing positive habits, including with technology such as with online privacy and safety. Middle school students also have access to the Mac Lab for use with digital media projects such as stop motion animation, movie editing, sound recording and photoshop.  In middle school, all academic departments work closely to incorporate technology into their curricula. 

Technology instruction is connected to classroom learning as much as possible. Teachers shape their students’ computer experiences in varied ways.  Classrooms are equipped with promethean boards, iPads, document cameras and more. 

Media Center

Our Media Center provides an environment for children to pursue individual interests and projects, either as a result and extension of classroom activities, or on the student’s initiative. The Media Center contains a variety of learning materials, including CDs, videos, and magazines, as well as over 13,000 books. Our certified media specialist helps students with locating and using information, and in selecting recreational reading materials. 


Eaglevision is our school's very own morning news show, produced by our 8th grade students, an directed by our 8th grade homeroom teacher. Student gain real-life, on-air broadcast experience as well as production techniques such as how to work with projectors and manage surround-sound. Students audition to be part of the technical crew or the on-air talent team. Our production studio is enhanced with a teleprompter and a "green screen". Elementary students also have the opportunity to participate with Eaglevision.  


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