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Recently, we had Fire Safety Week in our Young 5’s classroom. We read several books about Firefighters and what they do. We learned about using ‘911’ in an emergency. We talked about what a Firefighter wears and how we should not be afraid of Firefighters.

As if all of that was not fun enough already, in the middle of the week, we brought in pretend fire hoses and made paper flames to hang up the hoses on the playground. The children ran around and ‘put out the flames’.  They turned the wagon into a Fire Truck, and they used the playground climbing gym as a Fire Station.

One day, it was a little rainy, so we did not go outside for recess time. Instead we stayed in the classroom and used the pretend hoses and paper flames inside. It was so much fun to watch and listen to them. “There’s a fire by the sink!” one student said. They all ran over to the sink and pretended to spray water (sound effects and all) to stop the ‘fire’. “There’s a fire in the blocks!” another student said, and they all ran toward the blocks. “There’s a fire by the dollhouse!” another student said, and they all ran over to put out the fire at the dollhouse.

Finally, one student said, “There’s a fire in the library!” referring to our classroom book area. Without hesitation, one of the kids yelled, “SAVE THE BIBLE!” I was so surprised and at the same time, so touched that someone would think of that. Some children ran to get the Bible while the others ‘put the fire out’. They all then proceeded to the reading area to look through the Bible together, and talk about some of the pictures.

“SAVE THE BIBLE!” Out of all of things in our classroom, that was the one thing they thought of saving. Yes, even a 5 year-old can understand how special God’s Word is!

Mrs. Sue Prentice
Young 5’s Teacher

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