Teacher Appreciation Week - Thank you to our Teachers!

Posted by Beth Dameron, Director of School Admissions on

This past March, I had the opportunity to read to the St. John Preschool students during National Reading Month. The book I read is called 'Beth’s Happy Day’.  It was a gift given to me for Christmas by my teacher, when I was in Kindergarten. The story is about a girl celebrating her 5th birthday. Instead of seeking attention, she does nice things for people all morning. At the end of the story, (spoiler alert!) she is surprised with a birthday lunch, hosted by her mom, with all the people whom she helped that morning.

At the age of 5, I liked the book in part because I thought it was about me since she had the same name and hairstyle as mine. I also enjoyed the story's ideas about how to be kind to others. But the reason that I have kept the book all these years is because it was a special gift with a note from my teacher, a teacher who helped me learned to read. 

For this Teacher Appreciation Week, I thank all the teachers from whom I have learned. I especially thank the teachers at  St. John Lutheran School for teaching our students, my own children included. Our faculty's dedication to Christian education is evident. Their commitment to our students and families permeates our school. Their energy and patience is unbelievable. And most of all, they boldly share their unwaivering faith in God with the students daily.   

As the saying goes, if you are reading this, thank a teacher. As we celebrate Teacher Appreciation this week, thank you to all the wonderful teachers at St. John Lutheran Church & School. We give thanks to God for the gift of these faithful servants. 


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