High School is a defining part of a person’s life. Students begin to settle into their beliefs about the world, God, and their purpose in life. During this influential time, we want students to be surrounded by people who know and love Jesus. We help give high school students the skills and the support groups they need to make wise decisions at this critical time in their lives. Outings, Bible studies and devotions are held on a regular basis.

Group Mission Trips

Each summer the youth of St. John will participate in a Group Missions Trip. This event involves serving for a week in the summer with 400+ High School and Jr. High school students from across the country. They will serve by painting, building wheel chair ramps, roofing, or porch work. For general information about this service opportunity, visit www.groupmissionstrips.com  or email Steve Wilson at .

 During the week of July 21-28, 2018, our students will be serving the people of Breckinridge, MN.  The cost per person is $350 plus incidentals.  For more information or to register for this service opportunity, please CLICK HERE.

National Youth Gathering
In the summer of 2016, approximately 40 of our high school youth headed to New Orleans for the National Youth Gathering, "In Christ Alone," hosted by the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod.  Held every 3 years, the LCMS Youth Gathering provides thousands of youth and adults the opportunity to come together as a community of God’s people to learn more about Jesus Christ, the Christian faith and their Lutheran identity. 

Click to view a highlight video from the youth trip to the National Youth Gathering in New Orleans.


For more information about our high school youth program, please contact Melissa Hammett, Director of High School Youth Ministry, at 248-402-8008 or .



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