ONE in Jesus...

Reaching MANY


Whatever your personal circumstances are that have led you to visit...we are so very thankful you are here! We pray you are blessed through the interactions you experience here and find them a helpful step in knowing more about our faith community and know that we are saving a place for you!

Maybe you have questions. Maybe you have fears, doubts, wounds or preconceived notions of what a church is or isn’t. Our prayer is that you would be encouraged to know you aren’t alone. Please know you are always welcome here! St. John Lutheran Church & School is a safe place for those who seek to know more about what the adventure of a relationship with Jesus is all about.

Some might easily be confused to think the most important construction project happening among us this year is the ongoing expansion work being done on our campus. To be clear, while very important, it actually isn’t the most important construction work occurring among us! May the Lord continue to remind us through His Word of what He is doing among us as the ultimate Master Builder to expand our hearts and minds as His people eternally redeemed in Jesus! Join us for this 4-week series:

Building On A Solid Foundation
September 9/10
Foundations are critical to any building…so it is with faith and life in Jesus.

 Estimating The Cost
September 16/17
Every building construction project must consider the ultimate cost of time and materials…Jesus clarifies, to follow Him costs us everything we are and have.

Finding A Qualified Builder
September 23/24
Considering eternity is on the line, this is not a DIY project. Thankfully the Master Builder, Jesus does the building!

Trusting The Blueprint To Completion
September 30/October 1
Considering eternity is on the line, this is not a DIY project. Thankfully the Master Builder, Jesus does the building!

Get Into The Word

St. John has over 25 different bible studies, LIFEgroups, and one-day events happening this fall! Whether you are looking for a small class or large group, there will be something for everyone – no matter your age, schedule, or life circumstances! Be sure to make the most of growing in your faith walk with Jesus through His Word this Fall! Click on the button for a full listing and description of classes.

Submit a Prayer Request

We would love to pray for whatever is on your heart. These requests are received by our pastors and are passed along (or kept confidential when requested) to be included in a weekly prayer list sent to our prayer warriors as well as included in weekend worship.

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