Good News Gang – Mission Partner Liaison

March 1 - 31 2023

St. John is excited to collaborate with the Good News Gang as one of our Mission Partners! We are now looking for an individual to work as a liaison between St. John and Good News Gang. Liaisons follow up with the Mission Partner on a regular basis seeking prayer needs, collection needs, and the general well-being of the mission. If you are interested in becoming a Mission Partner Liaison for the Good News Gang, please contact our Director of Mission Mobilization, Jennie Eller .

Since 1989, Good News Gang has been committed to equipping the children of Detroit to become leaders of the next generation.

Good News Gang is committed to providing hope and building futures for children living in adverse conditions. Whether faced with the physical effects of poverty or the dangers of gangs, violence, abuse and hopelessness, we want to see children’s lives placed on a new path through the life-changing love of Christ. By meeting children where they are, personally investing in their lives and presenting the Gospel in a fun, accessible way, we believe we can build foundations that lead to hope, a future and better lives for precious children.